Join us with our first van conversion

1988 Volkswagen T3 Caravelle

About us

Hey and welcome to join us on our journey!

We are Triin, Rauno and Comet the cat. Thanks to Covid and our previous road trips, made us realise that we need more than spending our days in an office or locked in our apartment. Life is meant to be lived and we truly believe that van life, for us, is the way to do that.

In October 2020, we bought our van, LittleWagen, and started to plan our life as a vanlifers. LittleWagen is a 1988 Volkswagen T3 Caravelle 1.6L diesel who will need a lot of attention before we can get on the road.

Triin, Rauno and Comet the cat

The first month in a van aka how was Italy
The first month in a van aka how was Italy? How to say this? For us, Italy feels like a romantic railway station from the ’90s. The part you see…
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RMK – Best campfire site in Estonia
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Seiklusekütid ehk üks täiesti teine T3-ga reisiv paarike, kellelt otsustasime enne enda reisi soovitusi küsida.Saime neilt nii palju head infot, et panime kogu krempli siia teile lugemiseks! Me dokumenteerime oma…
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