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We have traveled quite a bit in Estonia, and we think we know how to find the best camping sites possible. Of course, at first it is a bit like buying a pig in a bag, but we have some experiences which we will try and pass on to you. So which camping sites in Estonia are simply the best?


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Which is the best campsite in Estonia?

If we knew! 😅 But we sure do know which ones we have liked the best and which ones were just ok. The whole post is subjective and is based totally on our own experiences on that particular day we visited the site. And we should also mention that we might have lower standards than many, so if a place is not acceptable to some people…it might be totally ok for us. Before, or after, reading this you should also read the Campsites in Estonia – how to find the best? This will give you an overview on how to find the sites and what is already provided.

1. Palojärve campsite (Põlvamaa, South-Estonia)

Wow! What a place!

Palo lake is located in Põlvamaa. You can reach the tenting area by a well-maintained gravel road, up to 400 m. There is big parking area next to the lake with two bio-toilets. Right next to the parking there is a swimming area which is not the biggest but could fit many families with children who could enjoy the playground available.

The swimming area itself is surrounded by a swimming bridge on three sides, so it makes a little pool. The surrounded area is cleaned and the lake floor is covered with sand. There is a marked life preserver in case there is an emergency. Every life preserver has been assigned a number, so the rescue team knows where to come when you call 112.

All together there are 7 covered firepits, parking for about 40 cars and many berries, beautiful nature and a lot of cute squirrels. The area can hold many tents, and there is a possibility to park near some camping places. The firewood shed holds sleeping places for about 4-8 people.

2.  Paidra lake campfire site (Võrumaa, Souht-Estonia)

There are 4 campfire sites next to lake Paidra – 3 of them have a cover and 1 does not. There is one outhouse and firewood shed. If the campfire sites are full, there is plenty of room to bring your own chairs and have a good time.

There are several swimming places around the lake, but there is only one swimming bridge.

We spent time there last summer and it was clear that the place is very popular among locals. Many families came there to swim several times in one day. For our luck there was no classic Estonian envy among the people, people were friendly and considerate to others. The night was quiet, no cars, and the people staying the night were quiet.

But it has to be mentioned, that many self-made campfire sites were across the lake, and the people staying there were a bit loud and a bit drunk…

3. Tänavjärve campfire site (Harjumaa,  North-Estonia)

This is 100% our favourite lake and campfire site! The road to Tänavjärve is not made for people who prefer good roads, have very low cars or who have just acquired their licence. The road is, let’s just say it, bad and goes on for a few km through a pine forest. There are several spots to calm your nerves and let other cars pass, eat some berries and then continue on.

There are no swimming bridges on that lake, but there are several good and shallow places to go in the water. The average water depth of Tänavjärve is 1.8m. Because the water is so shallow, the water temperature is usually very warm. Kids and adults have the possibility just to enjoy the water without being scared that the ground might disappear.

Tänavjärve has 5 covered campfire sites with covered benches. The outhouse is decent, it usually has paper. The firewood is in a separate shed. The free firewood might run out during the high season, but the situation is monitored by the local rangers.

4. Leetse campsite (Harjumaa, North-Estonia)

OMG, HOW beautiful can a place be!? We discovered this place just this summer and…Wow!

Leetse campsite is located near the city of Paldiski by the sea. The gravel road there has some bigger and smaller holes, but it is quite short and we believe that manageable with all vehicles (maybe the big campervans might not fit tho). There are 5 campsites located about 100-200m from each other. 3 of the campsites are with a cover and 2 without one. But all sites have wooden benches and tables. There is plenty of room for everybody, so many groups could fit there.

the outhouse is decent and is cleaned frequently. The beach is full of stones, but oh so beautiful! The site lets you enjoy the magic of sun setting into the sea.

5. Krapi campsite (Pärnumaa, West-Estonia)

I (Triin) am from Pärnu and I was not aware of this amazing place since this summer. We ended up there quite accidentally, we googled RMK and thought that, oh, we might fit there if there aren’t many people…and we discovered such a gem just on the coast of the Baltic Sea!

Krapi camping site has about 48 different campfire sites that are located alongside the coastline. You might park your car at the beginning of the campsite area, but it is encouraged to drive your car to your desired spot. There are different campfire sites – covered, and not covered, with seatings and self-made places. Everybody will find what they are looking for.

The outhouses are decent, but they might not be right near your campsite, so you will have to walk a bit. The same is with firewood, if you need it, then be prepared to take a small hike to the shed. There is a well with adequate water during autumn and spring, during summer, it might dry out. The camping sites are quite far from each other, so different groups will not bother each other. The beach is not a perfect sandy beach, but there are some more sandy parts where you could go into the water, or if you are not afraid of stones then you go whereever.

6. Kaberneeme campfire sites (Harjumaa, Põhja-Eesti)

This is our go-to place if we want to have lunch or dinner in nature. Next to a very small lake are 8 covered campfire sites with benches. The campsites can be reached by a gravel road which is usually well maintained and decent. This spring a family of swans used the lake to raise their babies, so be aware of cuteness. In a near distance there is the beautiful beach of Kaberneeme, the water there is usually pretty cold, but it is a place to be nevertheless.

One side of the small lake holds 4 campsites and the other side 4 more, but these are more scattered. There is a shed for firewood and two toilets on either side of the lake. This year one of the toilets was used to buy hornets as their new home. Rauno opened the door and got stung 2 times, we hope it has been cleared now.



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