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The journey of our new seat covers

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Old car equals old seats! As the online market for suitable seat covers did not pan out, we had to make them ourselves.

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We will be documenting all our build details in Instagram Story Highlights @littlewagen and will be posting more about the build here.

We have ugly seats!

LittleWagen’s original seats were, well, ugly, old, and smelly. So it became obvious that we had to reupholster the seats. We had to get creative as our budget is limited and we wanted to save most of the seats. We did check amazon, aliexpress, and other stores that might sell seat covers but everything we found was either ugly or too expensive. So we decided on a store called Kangažungel. The store has quite reasonable prices and the store on Tartu street has a really huge selection of textiles.

When we were discussing what the color scheme would be, we decided on light, creamy colors. So we found a really nice-looking creamy fake leather and matched it with a creamy white furniture fabric with a little bit of shine. We were lucky enough to save a lot of money by ordering the fabrics that we chose in-store from the online store which had a -70% discount! The full price for both of these items was high, and without the discount, we probably would have reconsidered our choices. So we ordered the fabrics and received them two days after from our local Kangadžungel. When I went to pick up the package I also purchased new scissors, nylon thread, and a pack of pins. For all the items combined, we spent 79.68€.

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Let’s sew things up!

The first step with making the seat covers was making sure we had the right cuts which meant tracing the old seats on a piece of craft paper we already had at home. The process was relatively uncomfortable but it needed to be done. After that, I attached all the cuts on the fabric so that I would not waste too much of the fabric. When all the cuts were done we trembled them together and then used the sewing machine.

The first cover for the backrest was not good, not good at all! The corners were off and I am quite sure that the pieces were sewn together upside-down and I definitely did not have enough sewing stock. Another problem was that our sewing machine started acting up. So we learned from our mistakes, we borrowed another sewing machine from my mother and tried again. The second time we made sure that the cuts were big enough and that we trembled the pieces together more carefully. And it worked! I am not much of a sewer, the last time I used a sewing machine before these covers was in high school. And I have to say that I am quite pleased with the result! Not all the seams are straight, but it works. The last thing to do is to see if the covers hold up!

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